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Our School

Crenshaw School was built in 2005. The land for the school was donated in loving memory of James Crenshaw Sr. and Henrietta Elliott Crenshaw.

Students attending Crenshaw School are from Crystal Beach, and Bolivar communities. Instruction is provided to students in grade Pre-K to 8th grade. Class sizes average from 10 students to 22 students per grade level. Currently we have about 155 students being served at Crenshaw. Since Hurricane Ike the student population has grown from 68 students to 160 students. Mobility rate is currently at 30% for the 2015-2016 school year. There were 6 identified GT students, 8 identified Special Education students, 32 ESL students served for the 2015-2016 school year. Attendance rate for the school year is 96.86%.

Teacher retention rate is at 95%. Student ethnicity is primarily White and Hispanic. 90% of the students are on free or reduced lunches.

Student ethnicity is 52% Hispanic and 46% White and 2% Asian with 52% males and 48% females. Staff ethnicity is 12% Hispanic, 4% African American, 84% White with 30% male and 70% female.